I am a 40ish wife and mother of one who until about 6 years ago knew nothing but the Military life. Now I have been plunked down in the middle of Kentucky with no Military near.

I am owned by Fat Head Man Dog.

I am a firm believer of the process of “playing with your food”…

I believe that even when a recipe flops in a major way there is still something you can learn from the process to call it a success.

So what is WikiJan Cooks all about you ask…well it has come about because of a few good friends in my life kept after me to put all the information, recipes and thoughts in one place that they could access any time so that I did not “take it do the grave” you could say. I write WikiJan Cooks for four people who are a various points on this cooking journey, some are just starting while others are pretty good cooks in their own right. This group of four people are always up for a challenge and enjoy talking about various cooking topics.

I write WikiJan Cooks for them, these four amazing people in my life…I welcome everyone to come listen in on our conversation as we work though perfect this skill that brings people together, nourishes the body and feeds the soul by way of shared conversation and passion. Hopefully I can push you to greater cooking feats and cause you to stretch your cooking muscles just a bit to reach beyond the ho hum everyday same old dishes.

So come on let’s play with our food!

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