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A little summer in the dead of winter

February 17, 2013


Sometimes you just stumble upon something that draws summer into the dead of winter.  That puffed sleeve blouse you pull out of the closet by mistake that if you bury your face into it, it brings back memories of that week spent at the beach. The half full bottle of “bubbles” tucked away in the […]

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Acorn Ravioli with Roasted Pine Nuts and Sage Butter

December 17, 2011


  See that very bright yellowish orange acorn squash there to the right..yup that one right in the middle, that’s the one I am talking about. That little guy has been sitting on my counter for WEEKS turning from that really cool shade of dark green you usually see when acorn squash starts hitting the […]

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Bacon Mac & Cheese

August 13, 2011


If you are on a diet you may want to forgo this episode of WikiJan Cooks.  This is NOT diet food this is serious comfort food.  This is cheddar overload comfort food.  This is eat till you enter a Mac and Cheese coma comfort food.  I think this is the most requested thing I cook […]

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Pasta and Ragu pt.2

July 2, 2011


What could be easier a little herbs some tomatoes bit of garlic…no problem. Right?  Yeah… not so much.  Let’s just say the first attempt at making my own sauce was less than stellar.  OK, let’s be honest here it was what we will call a “learning experience” which is code for  flop.  The Husband was […]

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