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Cheeseburger and fries

February 10, 2018


“…it was filling, hot and there was usually more than one serving per person in the pot…add in a few slices of white bread with some butter and it was awesome!”

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Roasted Tomato Soup

October 20, 2012


Well I had planned on posting this right before my laptop crashed and burned but today sounds as good as then especially here in Central Kentucky today where it is cold blustery and drizzly. Now I understand we are beyond the very very end of semi decent fresh Roma tomatoes and yes this is much […]

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Shrimp Corn Chowder

October 31, 2011


This blog entry was supposed to be about how to make perfect Shrimp Grits with pancetta and Parm…umm yeah about that, well that’s not going to happen.  You see it was raining and grey here for a good part of the day and when that happens my mind seems to always drift toward soup of […]

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Sausage & Potato Soup

September 26, 2011


One good thing about fall arriving in Central Kentucky is that I get to pull out all my soup recipes.  I really enjoy creating soup recipes as it never ceases to amaze me how tossing a few things in a pot of stock can make such an amazing meal.  Chili, Chicken soup with pasta, Italian […]

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