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Sausage & Potato Soup

September 26, 2011


One good thing about fall arriving in Central Kentucky is that I get to pull out all my soup recipes.  I really enjoy creating soup recipes as it never ceases to amaze me how tossing a few things in a pot of stock can make such an amazing meal.  Chili, Chicken soup with pasta, Italian […]

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White Chili

September 6, 2011


Hannah “Eat-a-Pretzel” is a wonderful young woman at The Big Green Machine, she is funny, thoughtful, kind and a riot to work with. You see “Eat-a-Pretzel” and I open most mornings during the week so we fall into a routine of busting out our daily tasks so we can chat and drink coffee between our […]

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Poblano Chicken and Corn Soup

July 18, 2011


Justyn is my human garbage disposal and this is a good thing…honest!  He is also good for my cooking ego (like I need more cooking ego),  in that he is always enthusiastic about what ever I bring him to try no matter what it is.  I don’t think there has been one item I have […]

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