Poblano Chicken and Corn Soup

July 18, 2011


Justyn is my human garbage disposal and this is a good thing…honest!  He is also good for my cooking ego (like I need more cooking ego),  in that he is always enthusiastic about what ever I bring him to try no matter what it is.  I don’t think there has been one item I have cooked and brought to Commerce Center (C.C.) that he has not dived right into.

We usually work together on Sundays which is when I bring dinner for the work Peeps,  I’ve been doing this for most of my time with the big Green machine mostly because I work with a fine group of college students who can always use a good home cooked meal and those who know me know I NEVER pass up an opportunity to feed people.  I believe this is one of his favorite soups I do, well this and Shepard’s pie….but that is for another time maybe.

This soup actually came about because I was standing at the fridge wondering what on earth I was going to make for Sunday dinner at C.C. I had pulled some chicken thighs and had some fresh corn on the cob that I had not used the night before and the wheels starting turning and things started getting tossed into the big stockpot…Oh the wonderful smells that were perfuming the house.  I rather surprised myself with this recipe and for once I remembered to write down what and how much, which for me is always an afterthought then I catch myself thinking now what did I put in that soup…? This soup is very easy to put together and is becoming a favorite in the WikiJan household.

So Justyn this one is for you…

Poblano Chicken and Corn Soup

1 1/2 pounds boneless Chicken thighs (cubed into 1/2″ cubes)*

3 ears fresh corn on the cob

3 Poblano Peppers (julianned~seeds and veins removed if you don’t want it overly spicy)

1 med Onion

6 cloves Garlic (finely minced)

1 ts Paprika

1 ts Kosher Salt

1 ts Fresh Ground Pepper

2 qt Chicken stock (not broth)

1/2 c. White wine

1 8oz Creme Fraiche**

1 lime (zested & juiced)

olive oil

Optional Ingredients~

1/2 c Sharp cheddar

Sliced Avocado

Minced Cilantro

Cube boneless chicken and liberally salt and pepper set aside.  Dice the onion, divide peppers into quarters from pole to pole removing the seeds (and white spines if you don’t want the soup too spicy) julianne the peppers,  finely mince the garlic.  Cut the fresh corn from the cob and scrape the cobs with the back side of a knife to clean out any thing left on the cob.

In a large stock pot put a few tablespoons of olive oil and heat.  Once hot toss in the onions, corn (and scrapings) and peppers to saute till onions are translucent.  Toss in the garlic and allow to cook till SLIGHTLY brown~don’t allow to burn. Remove the onions, peppers and garlic.

Add a tablespoon or so more of oil to the stock pot and allow to heat up.  In two or three batches brown off the chicken.If you try to stir the chicken and it is sticking just leave it to cook a while longer, when the chicken is browned it will release from the bottom of the pan. Don’t over crowd the pan as it will cause the chicken to stew/steam in the pot instead of brown. Once each batch is browned remove to a dish to hold it.

You don’t want much more than this in the bottom of the pot.  This is a 6qt pot.

Remove the final batch of chicken to a dish and in the same stockpot add the white wine to remove the fond on the bottom of the stock pot, scrape the bottom to remove all the yummy bits.

You can see the fond around the edges of the pan above.

Add the chicken back into the stock pot, the  remaining seasonings zest of the lime and the juice as well as the onion mixture.  Allow to simmer an hour or so.  Right before you are ready to serve stir in the Creme Fraiche.  Serve with a good crusty bread and a sprinkle of sharp cheddar, slices of avocado and cilantro.

Yes it does taste as good as it looks…


* When cubing the chicken if you will place the thigh with the smooth shiny side up it will be easier to cut.  Also  thigh is a fatty cut, removed the large visible fat but don’t worry about removing all of it as it will render out when you are browning  it.

** Don’t use sour cream in place of the Creme Fraiche as it will “break” in the hot soup causing  small lumps of dairy in your soup.  The Creme Fraiche will tolerate the high heat of the soup.

Now go play with your food.



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