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Lessons learned…yet again.

February 25, 2012


Sometimes trying to shave a bit of time off the day is not worth the “time saved.”  I have been making Bacon Mac and Cheese for years using the same supplies getting the same result every time.  Making Mac & Cheese is like breathing to me something I don’t even have to think about it […]

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Searching for Perfection and finding a cooking friend.

October 26, 2011


It was an innocent question, honest it was.  All I did was ask what types of things a select group of people wanted to learn how create when we finally get together to cook.  Well one of the items listed by K.F.C was Brioche.  My comment to H.N. the beginning of summer when we had […]

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Paying Homage to Alton Brown

October 6, 2011


So much is encapsulated in the name Alton Brown.  Whacky. Serious. Funny. Smart. Cool Hawaiian shirts.  Wild hair. Burping yeast puppets.  And The Waffler!  Who can forget The Waffler??  Alton Brown is the geek king of the cooking world, super smart and very inquisitive.  He is always looking for the why behind what we are […]

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Why don’t you…?

September 12, 2011


It never fails when I go out to cook at someone’s home for a dinner or gathering, I end up being asked why I don’t open a restaurant, my reply is always “Because it would be work then” it then seems the next question is usually “Do you cater?”  I seem to always get a […]

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