Cheddar Slugs and Reading Comprehension

July 4, 2011


You know how sometimes you just KNOW you are doing something right?  You have done it for years….it always comes out correctly…well lets just say I need to go back to the 3rd grade and relearn reading comprehension.  I was sitting here tonight after working a bit today and thought that I was really “Jones-ing” for some cheese straws.  Not the bland cardboard psudo-cheese straws that can be had at the local big box store.  No I HAD to have some that were spicy that had a strong extra sharp Cheddar flavor and were slightly smokey.  You know what I am talking about?  What you have never had a good cheese straw?  Say it isn’t so!

So I was sitting here and looked at the clock and thought to myself I have plenty of time to bang out this recipe I have been wanting to try to see if I could create what I was looking for in a cheese straw.  The recipe was simple enough toss all the ingredients in the old KA and poof out comes a fragrant  mouth-watering, crisp slightly “sandy” cheese straw. Yeah….not so much.  The dough did smell great, swapping out the Cayenne powder for Chipolte  upped the smokiness, but then when they hit the oven my lovely pipped straws flattened out and looked like fat cheddar colored slugs. OH NO, I thought what is going on….well I misread the recipe and put 2 times the amount of butter than the recipe called for…yeah WikiJan erred!  Yes J. G. I have photographic evidence that things do flop in my kitchen.  Now when they finally cooled off enough to where they were not molten lava I popped one in my mouth and it was “almost” what I was looking for, I have just a couple of changes I want to make before posting the recipe. So tomorrow we try, try again…with the correct amount of butter this time!  Check back tomorrow afternoon to see the perfect Cheese Straw.

Until then by all means have a good laugh at my Cheddar Slugs…



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