Blueberry Lemon Scones

July 9, 2011


I love Kathryn D. to death, she is a wonderful, lovely young woman with whom I work.  She is a blast to work with and is really getting into cooking.  Kathryn is one of the people responsible for the beginnings of this blog.  She is always picking my brain for ideas as well as asking me if item “x” pairs well with product “Y”.  She is always challenging my cooking knowledge which I LOVE about her.

Kathryn was exposed to my blueberry lemon scones a week or so ago and asked for a basic scone recipe that she could adapt to the items she has on hand.   While explaining how to make these scones she piped up that I needed to blog the recipe. While I had something else in mind for the next installment I thought her suggestion had merit and since I seem to be telling how to make these scones correctly about every other week or so I decided to shelf the other idea for a few days.

Now you might be thinking…Oh scones, I have had those and they are like eating a glazed covered brick.  Right?  C’on admit it the closest you have gotten to a true scone are those heavy dried out triangle “scones” offered by that coffee shop on every corner…right?  Well then you are in for a surprise!  A scone should be light, delicate, full of flavor and should melt in your mouth.  Have I got you hooked yet?  Well if not hopefully I will by the time we get finished making these scones together.

So Kathryn here is your photo lesson on scones.

Blueberry Lemon Scones

2 c AP Flour
4ts Baking Powder
1/2 c Sugar
1 Stick Frozen Butter
3/4 c Heavy cream
1 Egg
1 ½ ts. Kosher Salt

1 Lemon
1 c Fresh Blueberries
Combine all the dry ingredients in a mixing bowl (stir with a fork to combine). Using the exam gloves to lessen the heat from your hands warming the butter, grate the frozen butter into the flour tossing the grated butter into the flour often so it does not stick together in a large clump, you will have to work quickly before the butter softens. Zest one lemon and toss into the flour.


Combine the Heavy cream and the egg together.   Make a well in the middle of the flour, pour the cream/egg into the well in the flour and stir in a bit of the flour. Add in the juice of one of the lemons.

Stir only until the majority of the four is incorporated into one large lump.  It’s OK of all the flour is not completely combined.  This is a key point is you do not want to over work the dough because your scone will be tough if you do.

 Yes it clumpy and you can see unincorporated flour…its OK.

Turn out onto a piece of parchment paper and pat into a round 2-3 inch thick circle.  This dough will spread a good bit so allow for this in the size of cookie sheet you use.  I will also use a 9” round cake pan.

 Yes you can still see lumps and bumps…use a VERY light hand to shape this dough.

Bake on the parchment paper on a cookie sheet at 350 until golden brown around the edges, about
30 minutes.

2 c Powder Sugar
2  Lemons

While scones are baking, sift powder sugar into a bowl, using a mesh strainer, add zest of the 2  lemons.

Juice the lemons into the powder sugar, whisk together until combined (glaze should be the thickness of Elmer’s glue yeah I know it’s an odd thing to use as a comparison but it works) If the glaze is to thick add warm water a tablespoon at a time till the right thickness.

The smell from this glaze is amazing!

When the scones come out of the oven pour about half the glaze over the top of the scones brushing it all over the top and sides of the scone.  The glaze will melt and absorb into the scone adding moisture and flavor.

Allow the scone to cool then pour the remaining glaze over the top brushing the glaze over the entire top.

The crumb of this scone should look like this….

…and yes it tastes as good as it looks. 

Now go play with your food.



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4 Comments on “Blueberry Lemon Scones”

  1. Doug Rice Says:

    Jan, you are the most awesomest cook ever! You have done the blogosphere a great justice. Keep it up!



    • wikijancooks Says:

      Doug-y Fresh! Thank you so much you are beyond kind. I hope you enjoy reading my ramblings. Now that I know you are reading I will have to pull out some gluten free things for you and Jess. The Hungry Neophyte keeps saying the same thing about the blog-ing world and my joining it but I am still on the fence, I just don’t think ya’ll understand what has been unleashed on the unsuspecting public of the internet….



  2. kathryn dickens Says:

    i can’t believe i just got around to reading this! thanks for the kind words, but most importantly, THE RECIPE. i can’t wait to try this asap. if the results are worthy enough, perhaps they will make it into the store–in hopes of gaining your approval!



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