Hot Crash Potatoes

August 8, 2011

Side Dishes, Vegetables

Every time I mention this dish I get the blank stare, the what in the world are you talking about stare.  How one can go thought life never having had hot crash potatoes is beyond me.  I don’t think I have met a potato dish I have not liked…well there is that potato dumpling dough ball thing passed off as good food in Germany, but let’s not go there. This recipe is super easy and has few ingredients even a first time cook can make these come out perfectly on the first try.

Potatoes are just about the most perfect food.  They can be boiled, baked, fried, steamed, and roasted.  You can use them to make salads, side dishes and candy.  They can be waxy and hold their shape or starch filled and come out light and fluffy.  Choosing the right potato for the correct application is key when making certain dishes but with others it doesn’t really matter.  When baking you want a more starchy potato like a Russet, when doing salad people lean towards the more waxy as they hold their shape better, personally I like a combination of starchy and waxy in potato salad.

But I digress…when making Hot Crash Potatoes I am looking for the flavor punch and am not so concerned with the starch content.  So that leads me to Yukon Gold potatoes, God’s perfect potato in my never to be humble opinion, just enough “starchy” potato to lighten the potato, just enough of the “waxy” characteristics to hold its shape.  Buttery, smooth, great mouth feel they fry up very crispy and brown.  When choosing your potato look for potatoes that are as close to the same size to allow for even cooking. Now on to the goodness that is Hot Crash Potatoes!

Hot Crash Potatoes

3 Yukon Potatoes (or potato of your choice)

2 TB Olive Oil

2 TB Bacon drippings (optional)

1 Ts Salt

Fresh Ground Pepper

Slice Potatoes into approx. 1/2″ thick slices, peel if you would like I leave the peal on as they are thin, toss into a sauce pan with well salted water and allow to boil until potatoes are just slighty undercooked.  You want them soft but still holding their shape.

Slice them as even as possible

Mash to half the  thickness

Remove to a cutting board covered with some parchment paper or plastic wrap to make removal easier.  With the bottom of a flat cup or sauce pan mash the potatoes gently.  It will help to apply a thin film of oil to the bottom of the cup or pan to keep the flesh of the potato from sticking, repeat as needed.  Don’t worry if some flesh sticks to the cup or pan it’s not a big deal.

Yeah they are coming apart…its OK

Yukons actually taste buttery with no additions

OK heat a heavy frying pan (cast Iron works fantastic!) add half the oil and if using half the bacon drippings allow pan to get hot with a spatula lift and place each smashed potato into the frying pan being sure to not crowd the pan, salt and pepper to taste.  Allow potatoes to cook till golden brown flip and repeat.

Now you can see the “crash” part as the look like a bit of a train wreck…

Look at that browned goodness

Don’t be too concerned if the potatoes fall apart some, they tend to do this but it’s the character of the dish.  Don’t blame me if you end up eating half of them before they hit the dinner plate…

Train wreck or not these are an amazing potato dish

Now go play with your food!



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