Choose wisely

October 25, 2011


When adding a dairy product to a hot soup you have to choose carefully as picking the wrong one will cause the dairy to separate into small lumps that look like curdled milk.   Knowing which one to use in its proper place will save you the aggravation of having lumpy separated soup.   If you are not sure the answer can be found here on the blog in one of the entries.


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One Comment on “Choose wisely”

  1. Wikijancooks Says:

    OK now that ya’ll have time to make your decision I will tell you which is the correct answer….its Creme Fraiche. It will stand up to being cooked at a higher heat than any of the other dairy listed in the quiz. You can use the others but you will have to be very careful to NOT allow it to boil or simmer vigorously. If you do the dairy will “break” and any sauce or soup/stew will have tiny lumps of dairy proteins floating in it.



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