Dinosaur Eggs

November 14, 2011

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I will admit it is really hard to not eat the whole tray of this as fast as you can.  What is there not to like…bacon, cheese and jalapenos!  All juicy and crunchy at the same time.  I LOVE the contrast in flavors in this little snack.  I have a friend who lives in Washington state who LOVES these things and every time we are chatting about them he always calls them dino eggs so I rechristened them as such in honor of him.

You can’t beat the simplicity of this snack food. Three ingredients all combined into a hot, melt-y, salty goodness. These are super easy and straight forward…just one small word of caution…use exam gloves if you like your skin.   I learned the hard way with my very dry and cracked hands that jalapeno juice burns FOR EVER!!!  Just trust me on this one.

Enough chit chat on with the good stuff.

Dinosaur Eggs

1 lb thin cut bacon

12-15 large-ish jalapenos

2 bricks of Philly Cream Cheese

Dawn you gloves and slice each jalapeno from north to south pole, remove all the seeds and white membrane as that is where the heat is if you like them hotter just pop out the large pod of seeds and leave the remaining seeds. 

Stuff with cream cheese level with the top of the pepper.  Cut your bacon in half and use one piece of bacon to wrap around the stuffed peppers. Now you can spear them with a toothpick but I don’t bother I just wrap the bacon around the pepper and toss in the oven at about 45 minutes or until the jalapenos are not crisp any more but the bacon is at the crispness you like.

The bacon then looks like its hugging the jalapenos when they are done...

Now go play with your food!



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