Garlic Mashed Potatoes

November 23, 2011

Side Dishes

Are you tired of glue-y wimpy mashed potatoes.  Mashed Potatoes that have little to no flavor you know what I mean, mashed potatoes that you try to drown in gravy to give it some life.  Well in the words of my Boss I am about to Rock your Socks!

I served “ok” mashed potatoes for the longest time then just a few years ago the mashed potato life of the WikiJan family was drastically change.  There are just a few, what may seem like minor things, that I changed that really upped the flavor and texture of my mashed potatoes.

Russet potatoes are what is normally used to make mashed potatoes they usually produce a light pulp when baked but when most people make mashed potatoes out of them they become  a glue-y mess reminiscent of elementary school potatoes. On the other hand waxy potatoes like Red or Yukon make terrible baked potatoes due to the lack of starch though they are great for boiled potato where you are just simply dressing them with a bit of butter salt and pepper.  So I got this wild hair and thought what if I combined the two, taking the best of what make each of them great and tossing them together to see what happens.  I used Red potatoes and Russets for these mashed potatoes as the combination of the two are excellent together.

The 2nd great thing I found was to allow the potatoes to steam off for a couple of minutes before adding the milk and butter.  By doing this the russet potatoes release the extra steam which I find causes the mashed potatoes to become glue-y  or like wall paper paste.

The next thing I found was that by heating the milk to almost boiling then adding it to the cooked mashed potatoes really helped not only to keep the potatoes hot but allowed the potatoes to take on the flavor of the milk in to the spuds more readily.  While I did not use it in this recipe using either Greek yogurt or sour cream really ups the flavor and silkiness of the potatoes.  Just use a light hand when adding the yogurt as a little goes a long way and if you use too much you will still end up with a glue-y mess.

Garlic Mashed Potatoes~

1 large or 3 med Russett potatoes

4 Med. Red Potatoes

6 Cloves Garlic (very thinly sliced)

2 TS fresh ground Black Pepper

4 TS Salt

1 to 1 1/4 c Hot Milk

4 to 5 TB Butter

Peel all the potatoes and cube, toss into a pot salt the water with 3 TB salt. Boil till the potatoes are soft but not over cooked and mushy.

Melt butter adding thinly sliced garlic in a small frying pan on low heat, you want small bubbles in the butter to keep them from over browning simmer while potatoes are boiling.

Almost perfectly browned

This shows too much heat turn it down a bit…

Drain the potatoes and allow to steam off while you heat the milk, about 2 minutes in the  microwave.  Toss in the Black Pepper, remaining salt and butter/garlic combo to the hot spuds and start mashing, we like a bit of lumps in our spuds but you can do them as you wish.

Look at all that garlic-y goodness!

You can see how dry they look

Add in the milk a small amount at a time giving them a stir, you want them moist not drowning in milk.  Your spuds should look a bit like this…

I serve with a couple pats of butter floating on top of the Pile O’ Spuds just because it looks SO yummy…

You can leave out the garlic if you would like and toss in some chunks of cheddar or chives.  Leftovers, if there are any, can be made into patties and browned for breakfast the next day just dip in an egg wash and fry up.

Now go play with your food.



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