So that’s why you do it.

September 26, 2015


I’ve spent some time this ever so slightly lazy (for me) Saturday morning before actually getting myself in gear to finish off the work week by watching some Alton Brown YouTube clips.  You know how it happens you see one thing and go hmmm….then you click on the next…and the next…and what do you know you stumble upon a very short clip from an old interview that sums up your whole cooking outlook that you have tried for years to put into words.

So take a quick watch….I’ll wait for you to catch up…..

Chef vs celebrity chef

What does it come down to…an addiction. Yup plain and simple it’s an addiction to the intense pleasure derived from providing by the hands of one to the sustaining of another. And while I am about as far from a “chef” as you can get I 100% understand the addiction because I seek it out with every meal I share with those who populate the World of WikiJan. You will find me spending far more time watching those who eat my offerings than actually taking part in the eating itself.

Some of my most favorite memories seem to include sitting at the table watching the likes of H.N and KFC indulging, “Grande” as he wolfs down yet one more wedge of breakfast casserole while changing laundry at the clinic or KF as I plunk down that bowl of cowboy caviar that she seems to inhale. It’s the split second look of superiority followed by anticipation topped by satisfaction all in the span of time it takes the fork or spoon to pass the lips. It’s that smug look of “preference” those I cook for get that cracks me up -that look of “yeah that’s right…be jealous she did this for ME.” It’s worth every minute in the kitchen, very minute of research needed for those ” out there” requests that I DO SO LOVE.

So thank you Alton for putting into words what I fail to articulate….



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