Thank You Uncle Howie

December 2, 2012


Greetings My Cooking Acolytes,

It has been an eventful month or so since we last came together for a new blog post.  Life seems to push you in a direction you never would have thought you would end up in.  At times it makes you question your sanity or if you are seeing things the way they actually are, it forces you to reassess and regroup when you least expect it or want it. In my case it is making me stand still and listen for a while, I call it visiting ” the backside of the desert.” A place I hate being tossed into but learn so much from.

I have spent the last month or so wondering what in the world I am going to do now. You see The big Green machine and I have parted ways after 5 years.  I left a job I loved with a passion, walked away from coworkers I thought of as my kids, people who I have worked with for years who are truly amazing,  a younger generation I had the privilege of leaving my finger print on. Through The Big Green machine I found Scary, one of my three BFFs, and Dingles, My EVIL twin-both who share a love for my food, odd humor, passion for guns and shooting.  Toons, my work Mini Me, an amazing young woman who I can not wait to see come into her own.  Kathryn my favorite “granola”  friend who has taken the bull by the horns and is going back to school to follow a passion. Ty, who I could make laugh in a bad situation with my “angry french woman” antics. “The PhilShow”. Jono. Mulletteman. Beth.  Julie.  Sarah.   And The Boss who now shares his awesomeness with another store in town….the list could go on but I better stop here.

I also left some of the most interesting customers who were my privilege to serve, people who shared their lives with me, the ups and downs, triumphs and defeats, th huge life events and the minor.  A large number who would become more than regular customers but also amazing friends.  People who sought me out not just at work but as I walked in the mall,would be driving in town,  logged onto facebook or by text.  These people who have a loyalty that is amazing.  People who brought me to tears my last week as they voiced their displeasure with my leaving, their kind words assured me that yes, I did touch lives beyond a cup of coffee.

So where do I go from here…? I’m not sure,  if The H.N. has his way I will chill here at the house for 6 months before going back to work…a “suggestion” he and I may have to negotiate  ):) Will I end up bouncing back to The Big Green Machine in the future? Maybe, I don’t know.  Thankfully The Husband takes very good care of me and I don’t have to rush to find another place of employment which means for now The H.N. gets his way (to a point, because I am the hard-headed type) as I am being “forced” to “slow down”  allowing  my P.T. issues to hopefully resolve.

Those of you who know me in R.L. know just how dangerous me and free time can be…So let’s see what kind of trouble I can get into being at home for now!

C’on let’s play with our food!



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4 Comments on “Thank You Uncle Howie”

  1. Allison Justice Says:

    Oh how I miss you! Haven’t been to Big Green in a couple of weeks now…so you know I mean business! It’s just not the same without you! 😦
    I made your tomato soup right after you first posted it and fell in love with that recipe! Today, the hubby has requested your meatballs! can’t wait to smell the delicious aroma coming from my oven and the first amazing bite of the best meatballs that have ever crossed my lips! LOL Miss you, Jan! hope you are enjoying some time off and coming up with great recipes to share with us!!



    • Wikijancooks Says:

      Allison you were one of the people who were front of mind when I was writing that post. You always cracked me up when you came in and I miss you greatly! I loved how excited you would get with that first cup of coffee with pumpkin spice in it!
      I am really glad you are enjoying the various entries here in my little part of the internet. I too have been thinking meatballs the last few days. I’m thinking I may just have to get into the kitchen today and make some.
      I think Fudge is next on the blog list. The Evil Twin’s lovely bride asked about it last week when they were over to eat dinner and I whipped up a batch a couple days ago and as it was cooling on the stove it was the palm to forehead smack when it dawned on me I should have photographed it. Let me know when you go on break and we will get together and play in the kitchen!



  2. Janet Says:

    Love your blogs and your sense of humor!



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