Them things….

July 6, 2014

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Just three little chicks that  is all I wanted.  Something to occupy my time last summer. Now mind you I thought this in the middle of winter right in the middle of a freezing February.  I thought it would be cool to have extremely fresh eggs anytime I wish. So off I went to look for my three little chicks.  Should have been easy right…? HA! there you would be wrong.  EVERY where I looked it was a minimum of six chicks until I stumbled across I thought I had struck gold they stated that you could order as few as 3 chicks but that you should check your area for the exact min order.  So I pick out my chicks as well as the time when I would have them delivered only to find that I was thwarted yet again…six as a minimum.  So I pick out an additional three and wait.

I’ll tell you the weekend we built the chicken tractor to move the girls out of my dining room was a day of great rejoicing!  5 weeks of cleaning aspen shavings from all over was getting OLD! But then we waited…and waited…and waited…..allll the way until late September before Jane laid the first egg..soon to be followed by the remaining 5. Now in choosing my chicks I didn’t want any white eggs only colors.  Well imagine my surprise when out popped a white egg!  WHO lacked the proper pigmentation?!?  Ok ok…so I have one lone chick who didn’t follow orders and produce a colored egg for me but I guess its ok.

Well with all these laying about (remember it was a dozen every 2 days…) I started pawning them off on those around me.  I started looking for more ways to cook with my abundance of eggs (that’s 3 1/2 dozen a week…) …I whipped and boiled, fried and baked and still the eggs kept coming…and coming…and coming. So while I have been cooking for the clinic for about 3 years Breakfast on Fridays seemed to be come more “Egg-centric” due to the abundance. I always try to ask those who will be doing the eating what they would like for Friday morning breakfast a lot of the time I get  “Well what do you want to make?” GRRRRR!  so after a round of getting that question I found myself standing in Kroger wondering what I was going to make and I hit upon this super easy 4 ingredient breakfast.  I know “Them Things” are an odd name for this breakfast but really they had no name when I first brought them to the clinic and when I ask H.N. on Thursday evenings what he would like I usually get the same answer “Them things would be good” and the title has just kind of stuck. So ya’ll can blame him for the odd name.

Now let’s get down to it….

Them Things-

makes 6

6 med eggs

6 slices cheese (your choice)

6 slices Ham

1 tube Crescent rolls (whole sheet works best if you can find it!)

Salt, Pepper, garlic optional)


Using a large biscuit cutter cut rounds from the cheese as well as the ham and set aside (the scrapes are great for a quick omelet!)


Next roll out the sheet of dough on a very lightly dusted cutting board and roll thin. Using a large biscuit cutter cut 6 rounds.  If you are using a regular muffin tin you can used a regular sized biscuit cutter for everything, but I was using a larger muffin pan.


sizing things up

Cut them out…

Now once you have all your rounds cut out just stack them up like so and transfer them to the muffin pan. Be careful you don’t tear the dough.

the set up

All that is left to do is crack your egg into the muffin cup top with some salt pepper and garlic if you chose…

all tucked in

all tucked in…

In to the oven at 350 for about 20ish minutes…you can chose how well cooked nicely brownedyou would like your eggs just be sure your dough is browned when you pull it from the oven. You can top your eggs if you like with your favorite dressing be it salsa or catchup…if you are so inclined.


Now go play with your food…



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One Comment on “Them things….”

  1. kathryn Says:

    YUM. these are genius!



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