Getting back in the groove.

(cough…cough..) Man look at the dust in this place….I really need to hire a maid to come in and clean the cobwebs from the corners and remove the dust from the windows. Somebody need to run the self cleaning cycle on the oven and EEEWWWwwwww look at that “thing” growing in the fridge. BLEACK!!!  Hey someone open the curtains and ….Oh bummer there are those poor Rosemary plants I bought….poor things.

Well ye inhabitants of WikiJanCooks  little did I know about 15 or so months ago I would find myself semi abandoning the WikiJanCooks universe. I thought of you all often and it wasn’t planned…I had all these ideas but little desire to buckle down and put fingers to keyboard. Life kind of got put on pause you could say for a long while.  Then things started thawing out but I found myself jumping off into the deep end of the pool with a new job (no, not back at the Big Green Machine…Allison) that pretty much took much of my time because I can never do things half way especially when it comes to my job.  So after a good  and a bit pointed discussion with the H.N. I found myself joining H.N. as his Office Manager and have found that I am loving it about as much as my time at The Big Green Machine.  Its very different than working with beans and hot water but in an odd way very similar…people are still people.  In passing a few weeks ago H.N. commented that “Its happening again” it took me a moment to understand what he was talking about then it hit me the “Cult of Jan” is being reconstituted where I am now lol! But I digress….

Anyway I have found myself thinking more often…ok, every weekend actually….that I NEED to come back to WikiJanCooks and share again…my passion and love of amazing food, cool techniques, interesting tidbits and when I can corral/con…some guest posters who share this like passion….may have to offer some bribes to convince them though…

So look for the newest recipe in the WikiJanCooks library to be added this weekend….now I have to decide which of the three I’m going to post.

It’s time to play with our food again!




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6 Comments on “Getting back in the groove.”

  1. Allison Justice Says:

    Oh how I have missed you! My stops at SB have become few and far between. It’s just not fun there anymore! 😦
    Was just talking about you the other day and how I need to whip up some of your amazing meatballs! So glad you’re coming back! I have missed you and your delicious recipes!!



  2. Janet Lee Says:

    Glad you’re back at it!



  3. bethbusch Says:

    Glad you’re back!! I’ve missed reading your recipes and advice. Looking forward to the next installment! 🙂



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