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September 29, 2012

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Everything was humming along just fine. Two blog posts worth of photos downloaded from the phone, intros percolating in my little head, a free Saturday to lay everything out. Banana chips at hand, a tall cold glass of Gerolsteiner mineral water with a fine film of moisture collecting on the outside. Fat Head Man Dog […]

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Simple cupcake liners

February 18, 2012


Sometimes it just takes a small spark to start me off the beating a path through the weeds to see where I will come out on the other side. I love a challenge and will take just about any chance to ply my cooking brain to the puzzle.  In the last couple weeks I have […]

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Dinosaur Eggs

November 14, 2011


I will admit it is really hard to not eat the whole tray of this as fast as you can.  What is there not to like…bacon, cheese and jalapenos!  All juicy and crunchy at the same time.  I LOVE the contrast in flavors in this little snack.  I have a friend who lives in Washington […]

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Shrimp Corn Chowder

October 31, 2011


This blog entry was supposed to be about how to make perfect Shrimp Grits with pancetta and Parm…umm yeah about that, well that’s not going to happen.  You see it was raining and grey here for a good part of the day and when that happens my mind seems to always drift toward soup of […]

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