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Getting back in the groove.

July 2, 2014


(cough…cough..) Man look at the dust in this place….I really need to hire a maid to come in and clean the cobwebs from the corners and remove the dust from the windows. Somebody need to run the self cleaning cycle on the oven and EEEWWWwwwww look at that “thing” growing in the fridge. BLEACK!!!  Hey […]

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This is a little freaky…

January 21, 2013


Look at this, it’s a “two-er” week for ye of the WikiJan world.  I was over on Serious eats and stumbled across this very short interview of Alton Brown. His description of recipe writing hit the nail on the head for what I try to do here on WikiJan. I don’t just want to give […]

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Thank You Uncle Howie

December 2, 2012


Greetings My Cooking Acolytes, It has been an eventful month or so since we last came together for a new blog post.  Life seems to push you in a direction you never would have thought you would end up in.  At times it makes you question your sanity or if you are seeing things the […]

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We’re back!

October 13, 2012


After feeling totally cut off from the world due to 2 yes count them 2 dead or dieing laptops WikiJan is back among the living of the cyber world. No longer will I have to put off posting entries due to the fact that I had not a clue how to insert photos via the […]

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