July 13, 2014

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When all that is left are the bit and pieces

I was driving home from house sitting a few weeks ago down a road I have traveled many times. When ever I pass though this part of Lexington I always marvel at the little houses from the 30’s and 40’s which are mixed in with those  from the late 70’s-old bricks next to timbered stucco…open […]

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July 6, 2014

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Them things….

Just three little chicks that  is all I wanted.  Something to occupy my time last summer. Now mind you I thought this in the middle of winter right in the middle of a freezing February.  I thought it would be cool to have extremely fresh eggs anytime I wish. So off I went to look […]

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July 2, 2014


Getting back in the groove.

(cough…cough..) Man look at the dust in this place….I really need to hire a maid to come in and clean the cobwebs from the corners and remove the dust from the windows. Somebody need to run the self cleaning cycle on the oven and EEEWWWwwwww look at that “thing” growing in the fridge. BLEACK!!!  Hey […]

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February 28, 2013


What do you keep in there…?

I was skimming some blog posts on Freshly Pressed and came across a title the piqued my interest. I have no idea what the post was about because my thoughts started their normal rampage sending me into a dozen different directions.  The title of the post was What three things do you keep in your […]

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